Always willing to Listen


My number one goal is to do what is best for the citizens of Union County. The best way to do that is for us to talk. I am always happy to discuss questions and concerns with our citizens. Please feel free to reach out so we can chat.

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Supporting Our First Responders


No ones job is harder than those who protect us daily.

From ensuring the ability of EMS to service the entire county, to fighting for funding of our Volunteer Fire Departments, I have worked to ensure that  our Fire and EMS have the tools they need to be properly staffed, with the right equipment, to help protect all of the citizens of Union County.

Fighting for our Police


I fought to ensure that our Sherriff Deputies got the pay they deserved. Bringing them in line with the surrounding counties. In today’s day and age it is ever more important to stand up for our police.

Department of Health and

Human Services


Looking to the future, to ensure the best results for our children and senior citizens, I helped to have an new, expanded DHS facility.